Thanking my peers!

Firstly I would like to begin with thanking Nathan and Nour for their comments and for marking my blog. I appreciate their feedback even though I might not have agreed with all of it. I respect their opinions and thank them for being honest. It was addressed by Nathan Fry that my referencing is not published according to the APA 6th referencing guidelines so I went back and fixed as much as I could and I appreciate his insight, I felt that he was a bit harsh as he said not everything in my blogs have been addressed even though I felt that he could have given me constructive criticism and maybe some more examples to go on, Thank you Nathan.

Nour enjoyed my smiley faces and found my blog very colourful but gave me her opinion of changing the theme of my blog which was very interesting and useful, both my peers contradicted each other about my referencing and my blog as a whole so I was confused in whose opinion I would take. Thank you Nour

My peer’s feedback was insightful but also it could have been more encouraging, due to this I am feeling unconfident within my blog so I hope my tutor can better reassure me, Overall it was an interesting experience.


Image reterived from, Frobonnie 2013, ( ).



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