I enjoyed experimenting with this multimedia tool because it was so engaging. Scratch is a great program for everyone to use, I especially love the way I can educate the children with designing presentations for math, science and art so the children can get excited and have an enjoyable time whilst being educated. I’ve only used Scratch once while I was in high school, I was asked to create an animated presentation roughly two min long and it could be about anything that I wanted. So I decided to create an animation about  fish swimming around and eating. I felt proud about this piece because It took me sometime to learn how to utilize this tool. This program is a great way to combine traditional face to face learning with digital technology. Children can create their own interactive stores, games and animations and share them with the classroom, This gives children the self happiness because they know that have created an animation from there ideas. Younger children can utilize Scratch with their parents this could be an activity for the both of them. I cant wait to incorporate Scratch in my future classroom to further captivate and engage the children.





retrieved from Betcha blog, teaching kids to think using scratch 2010,

retrieved from ticktok Etoys or scratch 2009,

Dalal 🙂




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