Safety on the internet, Digital Information!! :)

We can access all types of digital information almost at an instant, however this does not mean that it is safe and  right. Not all digital information found on internet sites are dependable. Digital information is used during our daily lives. It gives everybody services such as online shopping, online banking and electronic mail. This is very convenient for people all over the world because it gives us the luxury to do what we need to do without leaving the house. We must know how to judge the reliability of digital information, to do this we can learn more about the author of the site, recognizing who published the site, asking ourselves why is this site important and what is the main purpose for this site, main intended audience, the quality of information shown on the site and lastly what types of links does the website link too. All these questions can help people to be more carful when surfing the world wide web. If not being vigilant, people can find themselves in dreadful situations where they might have purchased something from a particular site, giving away there bank details to an unsafe website, therefor leading to identity theft and money being robbed

. Image retrieved image, Digital information fluency model from,

Dalal 🙂


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