The Digital Divide

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The digital divide is caused because of lower income communities not having the same access to technology that high and middle classes do. In my opinion it is important to provide our students who are from lower income homes the opportunity to be familiar with today’s technology.  Maybe one day libraries wont exist and all research will evolve around the internet. Students need to learn and understand how to use the internet and computers. Its great the way the government is funding the use of technology in schools. “Children feel more excited learning through computers because it something new to them” (Edutopia The digital divide 2002). In today’s society we are expected by parents, employers and the wider community to be aware and fluent in most of today’s technology and our increasingly digital world, we also expect our children to engage and learn about digital technologies, that is why schools are being asked to bridge the digital divide and enable our students to experience and be fluent in our digital world. We need to make a distinction about the technology which is used in our private lives and the types we use in our professional lives, this includes education and schooling.

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The talk on Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying is very common and has been around for a long time. It is very dangerous because it is the social media where everything you post stays online for the whole world to see and it can never be deleted. In my opinion cyber bullying is the most severe and dangerous form of bullying because it is very accessible today due to smart phones and computers and most teenagers have these technologies surrounding them and this means the bullying will follow the victim home, to school really anywhere making the poor person go through depression anxiety, self harm or even worse, become suicidal. They want to connect with their families and friends but they are leaving themselves open and vulnerable to cyber bullying. Parents need to be aware of their child, they need to notice any slight changes because victims of any type of bullying will not go to their parents for help.

Bullying is a wide spread problem and over 3 million children are absent from school each month ( Cyber bully hotline 2013), so how is this effecting their future, their education their capability to rise?

Bullies continue to bully because they feel there are no consequence. As a community we need to take a stand against cyber bullying by creating support groups were our children can feel secure and safe.

Dalal Chaker

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